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Completed Projects

Project: Luke Kelly

Customer: Vera Klute / Dublin City Council
Scope of works: BA Steel Fabrication recently had the pleasure, to design and fabricate Luke Kelly’s hair and moustache along with designer Vera Klute. These were fabricated from 4mm copper patina metal. The large marble bust is placed in his home town of north Dublin, Sheriff Street. BA Steel Fabrication were contracted by the artist for the process of bending, welding the metal and installing into the stone head. The pose is based on a performance of Scorn not his Simplicity. Luke’s hair strands fabricated from wire which was twisted and each strand formed in a very realistic way.

Project: Hexagon Spiral staircase

Customer: John Paul
Project: Aungier Street Accommodation
Hexagon Spiral Architectural Staircase; Powder coated Red, fit at Aungier Street student accommodation. This functional staircase is a striking piece of art designed and fabricated by the team at BA Steel Fabrication Ltd. Designed and fabricated at BA Steel Fabrication Ltd.

Project: Unity

Artist: Sandra Bell
Customer: Hines
Site Location: Cherrywood
Fabrication by the team at BA Steel Fabrication.
Size: 9 mtrs
Weight: 4.5 tons

Project: Steel Acorn

Customer: AG Wilson
Scope of works: Project; Corten Steel Acorn Statuette for Belfast City. This work of art was created by the talented staff at BA Steel Fabrication Ltd.

Project: Galway Sculpture

Customer/Design by; Maree Hennessy & Mark Ryan
Project: Galway Clifden Sculptures.
The Wild Atlantic Way, stainless steel powder coated sea wave, finished with bronze inscription plaques. This was installed by Managing Director Brian Arkins and Contracts Manager Graham Arkins. We had the honour of President Higgins again unveiling another unique piece of art, fabricated by the team at BA Steel Fabrication.

Project: Dublin Port

Customer: Dublin Port & Docks
Scope of works: A new age look for Dublin Port and Docks designed with the new up and coming Corten steel effect. BA Steel Fabrication designed and installed all Corten steel areas of the port. It has a rust like effect. We installed the Dublin Port Lettering on the crane wall, letters were cut out of the Corten steel sheets, along with a nautical sea wave chart punced into the design. We installed the large Corten steel gates, which included the constellation of the stars. Winner of the first prize in the public space category at the RIAI Architecture Awards Winner of a design award at the 2018 Architecture and Building Expo

Project: Royal College of Surgeons

Customer: Bennett Construction
Scope of works: Installation of Architectural functional staircases, in Royal College of Surgeons. These staircases are works of art being both functional and practical for everyday use. The spiral staircase is a type of round or curved stairs and consists of individual steps, or treads, these are connected to a centre column. The treads rotate around this central point as you go up or down the stair, creating a spiral design.

Project: Jet Engine

Customer: IAA
4 ton Jet engine, taken from Dublin Airport. This was designed and fabricated as a sculpture to stand alone at the Irish Aviation Authority, Westmoreland Street. It can be viewed at any time outside their offices.

Project: Steel Squiggle Kingswood

Customer: Barbara Knezevic
Scope of works: Barbara Knezevic created this amazing spiral stainless steel squiggle, powder coated gold. This project was brought to a practical Engineered solution and installed by our amazing team and Managing Director Brian Arkins at BA Steel Fabrication. This was fit at Kingswood Secondary school Tallaght.

Project: Christmas Lights

Customer: Eventco
Scope of works: Ghost ship fabricated and erected by BA Steel Fabrication. Ship size 18 metres tall. Various lighting works on bridges for the Christmas festivities. Lighting up the Spire, for the Star Wars premier.

Project: Salmon of Knowledge

Customer: Sandra Bell
Scope of works: 20mm bronze plate , cut, rolled and welded. Polished, finished and mounted on Bronze plinth.