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Irish Owned Family Business for over 50 years

Sculpture Design

At BA Steel Fabrication, over the past number of years , we have been involved with many sculptures, where the artist concept and design were within touching distance to becoming reality. These artists required the experience and knowledge of working with the various different metals that our Managing Director Brian Arkins and his highly skilled workforce are experienced in and their assistance in helping them achieve their goals.

As we are all too well aware, ┬áin today’s building process, the design element is critical as all statuettes, sculptures, features, are placed in public spaces, common areas and must carry a full Engineering Calculation, Design, Technical Drawings, Civil Works and BCAR Certification.

Our design services include all of the above and seek PI Insurances where necessary.
We at BA Steel Fabrication have our own designs, in sculptures, wall art, panelling and stair features.

Let us assist you and your design concept, through all of the above processes allowing you the artist and your client that glorious day of unveiling your design and their dream...